APRIL 27th, 2019


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Please fill out the form below to volunteer. We know that many will want to volunteer in groups with family members or people they know, so we have addressed this with groups and teams. please read carefully!! (all personal information will remain confidential.)

Personal Information:
Name of Volunteer *
Name of Volunteer
A separate form required for each volunteer.
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Phone Number
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Why do you need this? Younger volunteers will be placed in areas with less traffic.
Address *
Why do you need this? As much as is possible, we will try and assign volunteers to areas near their residence.
Volunteer Information:
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Selecting the hours you're available to volunteer on April 27th, 2019. (Choose all that apply!)
READ CAREFULLY! If you are volunteering as a group or business, you may choose your group using the drop down menu. If you would like to have your group name listed, email us at EffinghamHeroesIL@gmail.com. If you are not associated with a group, chose "Other/Family" or "Other/Individual".
READ CAREFULLY! If you are volunteering as a family, a group, or a smaller team involved in one of the groups above, you can assign yourselves a team name. PLEASE NOTE: Each member has to enter their team name exactly the same. (No profanity or inappropriate name choices, please.) If you are volunteering as an individual, you can leave this blank.
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email effinghamheroesil@gmail.com to request information on how to become a sponsor.