Once upon a time, a long long time ago…

Well, maybe that long ago. I’m not that old… unless you ask my children. According to them, I’m ancient. You know, from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people still had to use flip phones and VCR’s… 😉

Plus, This isn’t a fairytale. It’s my real, weird, crazy, loud, happy, busy, messy life.

So, let me start over.

Hi! I’m Ashley. This is me...


I know what you’re thinking…

That’s a lot of purple.

Well, if you ask me, there can never be too much purple. Plus, if you forget my name, or the name of the studio, you can always say, “you know, the one photographer with the purple hair.” I won’t be offended…promise. 😂

I have 32 years experience at being alive, and over a third of that I’ve been taking pictures. I’m not just a photographer, though. I have a crazy, loud, busy life…complete with a big, weird family. I’m a mama of three small humans, two dogs, and two cats. I’m a military wife. I’m A Christian (However, if we believe differently from each other, we can still be friends!) I am a lover of coffee… (but not the sugary, frappuccino kind, and DEFINITELY not decaf. You can’t even call that coffee, IMO. ☕️)

I homeschool my kids. I’m adopted. My fave teams are the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas Jayhawks, and the Tennessee Titans. I love traveling and trying new things. I’m a musician and give private music lessons one afternoon a week. 🎹🎤

I opened Fiore Photography Studio 12 years ago, and I couldn’t have imagined the places it would take me. I’ve met some great friends and gone on so many exciting adventures, and I couldn’t be more grateful to all the people who’ve supported me along the way. Three years ago, my wedding and boudoir business grew so big, that I opened a new studio completely focused on that called Toss the Bouquet Studios.

I’ve built this business into what it is on some basic ideas & principles…

-Photography should tell a story.

-Communication and connection are everything.

-Always be honest and authentic.

-Treat others the way you want to be treated.

-Don't ever take yourself too seriously.

-Aspire to do your best, everyday.

Now, I could bore you with a bunch of details about a lot of things…like how I came to do what I do, but honestly, I’d rather tell you the why.

💜 I do this because… I love creating and putting a piece of myself into my work.

💜 I do this because… I love people and getting to know them.

💜 I do this because… I love showing the beauty I see in my clients and in their stories.

💜 I do this because… the photography industry is always evolving and challenging me in new ways.

💜 I do this because… watching the way my work makes my client feel is one of the best feelings in the world.

Those are all the reasons why I aspire to do my very best, every. single. time.

Beforehand, I take the time to get to know you, and tailor a session specifically based on you. Each session is unique. Photography isn’t only about my artistic vision. It’s a collaboration between us. I would like to think that’s why most of my clients come back over and over again.

If that sounds like something interesting to you, then you have come to the right place, my friend! Shoot me a message, and let’s create something amazing together.

To help you get to know me, I wanted to show you some photos from my life. A lot of these are not “professional quality”, but they are of all of things and people that are important to me. If you haven’t had enough of me yet, you can send me a friend request on FACEBOOK or follow my personal INSTAGRAM page…and,if you happen to see me around, come introduce yourself! I would love to meet you (I’m the one with the big, curly, purple hair.)