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It all started when…

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Owner/Photographer/Videographer/Marketing Guru/Public Speaker/WRITER/DESIGNER/the Project queen

I am a homeschool mom, a military wife, an author, a musician. I drink to much coffee, I am habitually behind with my laundry, and I am one of those weird furmoms that dresses up their animals (Even though my husband says it’s animal abuse. LOL!) People that know me call me “The Project Queen”, which is probably a fair assessment. For better or worse, I am a naturally passionate person. I admittedly cry a lot, which can be exhausting. Ultimately, though, I think being someone that feels things intensely helps me appreciate all the little things that make this life so astounding.

I have had 32 years experience at living, and in that time, I’ve learned four important lessons. First, I’ve learned never to take myself too seriously. Second, the only time wasted is the time you spend letting a fear of failure or of what others might think hold you back. Third, the most valuable thing you have is time, which makes it the most precious gift you can give another person.

The decision I made over a decade ago to open this studio has created so many opportunities I could have never imagined. I’ve been able to travel abroad to shoot weddings, and on two separate occasions, I was invited by Facebook to talk to other small business owners about marketing and how to leverage social media for their businesses. Since then, I have been asked to appear as both a marketing expert and a motivational speaker.


Photographer/Holder of Inanimate Objects



Photographer/Videographer/Carrier of Things


Graphic Designer/Artist/Breaker of Dishes



Makeup Artist

Callie McMaHON



Alana Jackson

Photographer in Training/Happiness Maker