The Beginning


Because we feel like all this personality in one place needs an explanation…

A long, long time ago, there lived a husband and wife that wanted desperately to have a child. They had searched far and wide and traveled to distant lands, but tragically, the joy of stepping on small toys and changing explosive diapers eluded them. For years, the couple hoped and prayed. They watched the other villagers get married and have families, but they never lost hope that one day, they would be blessed with a child to call their own.

In a neighboring village called “Tulsa”, a woman found herself with child, and knew in her heart she was in no position to take care of her. When the tale of the woman reached the couple, they knew it was no accident. Fate had finally smiled on them. Arrangements were made, and a few months later, a little girl was born.

She was the most beautiful thing they’d ever laid eyes on, and they were so happy. They gave her the name “Ashley Rose”, and before the new parents took their little angel home, they vowed to the federal government to financially provide for her needs and do their best to keep her alive until her eighteenth birthday.

It wasn’t always easy. They traveled to strange lands where her father taught others his trade, and eventually settled in a land called "Effingham”. She was dressed in the weirdest clothes and given the most dreadful hairstyles. Then, in her twelfth year, a four year old little boy came to visit and he never left! Despite all these things, Ashley Rose knew she must be the luckiest girl alive to be loved so much, and eventually she decided having a little brother wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be.

Her mother and father supported and encouraged her artistic interests, and she found her first love…music. For years, she pursued her dream of being an opera singer, and she studied under remarkable musicians. She traveled from village to village with other talented singers, and people from miles around would come to hear their music. She thought she was on her way to everything she’d always dreamed of…but then something happened that changed everything.

She met a boy.

He was different than any boy she’d met before, and it was love at first message. He was a knight…a defender of the fifty realms. Sir Adam was handsome and confident. He made her laugh. He had a vocabulary that extended passed “Sup?” and didn’t find himself in taverns every weekend. His job as a knight even came with a retirement plan and insurance.

Meeting Sir Adam in itself was not the thing that changed everything, but rather, what followed. Some things happened that we can’t talk about because this is a fairytale, and Ashley Rose and Sir Adam discovered they were expecting a child. Nine months later, when she held this perfect little thing in her arms, and realized that everything she thought she knew was wrong. As she embarked on this thrilling and terrifying new adventure of motherhood, she quickly realized that she did not need to be cheered by an audience. She just wanted to love and be loved by her daughter.

She sought out teachers of business, and learned the trades of business management and marketing. When she wasn’t studying, she was mesmerized by her daughter’s perfection, and took many photographs. When the other villagers saw the photographs, they asked Ashley Rose to take some of their own children. Thus was born Fiore Photography Studio.